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Hug your children extra tight today. The world is changing. As we grow older our goals and expectations change. After you have children, everything changes. Including political beliefs, spiritual and expectations of the world.

All I want is a better world for my son. I am not concerned for me or my world. Just for my son and his future world.

Stay strong America we will persevere and soon, we will make the right decisions. I have faith things WILL get better. It’s just a matter of when and how many more lives have to be lost.

If you don’t understand what happened yesterday in the Senate voted against closing the loophole for background checks at gun shows. That is to say, you do not need a background check to buy a gun at a gun show.

In 2000, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) published the “Following the Gun” report: The ATF analyzed more than 1,530 trafficking investigations over a two-and-a-half-year period and found gun shows to be the second leading source of illegally diverted guns in the nation.
June 2000 Department of the Treasury
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms

I am certainly NOT challenging anyone’s 2nd amendment rights. But the lack of laws challenge my personal right as a US citizen under the Declaration of Independence: Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. My happiness and life depend on an expectation to walk down the street without fear of flying debris from bombs, to watch a movie without having to flee the theater for my life and to send my child to school without him having his life challenged by an unstable person with a gun in their hands.

I have personal connection to instability with a gun. My mother worked at GMAC in 1990 when a man with a gun came in and shot people behind a counter working. Here is the layout of the office, picture a classroom with a teacher at the front of the room behind a long counter. All the desks in the office were set up in classroom fashion, long before the days of cubicles and protective glass. Disgruntled by his letter to pay off his repossessed car payment, a man (i will NOT name and had been in jail for killing someone in the ’70’s ) came in with a gun and went left to right.

                                                      Victims :               Jewell Belote, 50, died on June 27            Julia White Burgess, 42

Janice David, 40           Sharon Louise Hall, 45             Denise Sapp Highfill, 36

Barbara Duckwall Holland Cynthia L. Perry, 30         Lee Simonton, 33                 Drew Woods, 38

After, he sprayed the office with bullets he went up and down the aisles shooting people under their desks. The people left alive listened to their friends and coworkers beg for their lives, cry out in pain among other horrific details. When it was suspected that HE had killed himself the survivors leapt over the dead bodies and wounded and ran for their lives.

The tragedy continues on of those left behind and their families. This forever changed my mind about many things. One of which was religion. Our church never reached out to us, brought us food, called in the following weeks, months etc. Friends (through no fault of their own) didn’t know what to say so they said nothing. It was a lonely and sad time for all of those left behind. Their own company never addressed what had happened and the only compensation my mother received was the week it happened off with pay. There were no lawsuits, group sessions or after care.

I say all this to say, we as a nation, have gotten better at how we treat the victims, their families and communities have learned how to reach out. DO YOU SEE THE IRONY IN THIS????

We have had to get BETTER at our response to tragic (man made) events. And, how did we get better at this. Practice. How sad that we have had to have PRACTICE because it happens so often.

So, again, I say: Hug your children tight, tell those you love how much they mean to you and always look over your shoulder and always be suspicious. HOW SAD our world has become.

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