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So many great unique finds when shopping resale


Resale shopping is not just about saving money it IS recycling.  There are many NON renewable resources being tapped into to satisfy our insatiable need to be trendy and current.  I think part of the reason we do this is because we want what is best for our children.  I was guilty of this.  But having the best doesn’t mean spending more money.  The only thing that little precious baby needs is one adult who loves them more than the air they breathe.  If this is true, you CANNOT fail.  The best part about being a parent is that You will never put yourself first again and that is OK with you.


My love of resale developed first out of necessity.  I was working part time when my son was 4 months old and we were struggling financially.  Then, I was laid off.  I had to find new resources and ways of saving money.  Along with cutting coupons, shopping sales flyers I discovered RESALE SHOPPING!


First it was the chain type of resale shops.  Then, I discovered the seasonal consignment sales. Within a year, I was selling and buying entire seasonal, name brand, current clothing for my son without spending much money.  All it took was a little time and effort to make my previously loved things look like something I would want to buy. Next I moved into buying and selling books, dvd’s and OH the plastic toys!!


According to Earth911, “Recent studies show nearly every household purchases at least one toy a year (often more), and toy sales in the U.S. in 2007 totaled to $20.5 billion.” How many of those toys make their way into the landfills?

Did I mention all the PLASTICS?? The Growing Tree shelves are set up so that children can play with toys in the store.  I have learned what I THOUGHT my son would enjoy playing with and what he ACTUALLY enjoyed playing with were 2 different things!! Along side that he seemed to outgrow toys, gear and clothes in the blink of an eye.  Puzzles he once struggled to get in the right places became mundane and boring. Baby gear that had served it’s purpose in a small window of time in his life were becoming places to hang laundry and store towels.


All of these things led to a strategy for making the most out of resale.  I became so good at it that I opened a shop.  I love the seasonal consignment sales but they became to time consuming as my son got older.  You have to tag, hang and haul your stuff not to mention pay a fee for selling, their cut and having to pick back up what doesn’t sell.  You also have to know how to price your things to sell.  I opened The Growing Tree to eliminate most of the work for you.  The only thing we ask is that you make your items look like you would want them to look if you were buying them.  You make more money up front!! We have a sliding scale when we pay for your things.  The cleaner, the easier to sort through, the more name brands and current trends you have….the more money you make.


 The tools for a savvy resale shopper:

Storage bins(laundry basket will do)

masking tape (you can find decorative stickers too)

 a sharpie.


Tips for SELLING:

  1. Use the storage bins for collecting things as you do laundry, clean house, etc.  If it no longer fits your child and is in good to great condition put that in a bin marked for resale.  This includes shoes, toys, books, gear.
  2. Mark another bin for donations.  Not everything will be for selling.  That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a potential home some where!
  3. Clothing that has potential to fit another season goes in another bin or storage section of a closet.  This is the bin you put your larger size purchases in (this will be explained in the buying section)
  4. Toys sitting on shelves that have not been played with in more than 4-5 months put in a bin marked for resale.  That includes, books, dvd’s, board games etc.

******Ask your children to be involved.  Ask if they would like to sell their toys and give them the option of a new toy.  It teaches them the value of their things and the art of giving!!


Tips for BUYING:

  1. If you love it and it is larger than your child’s current size BUY it.  It will not be there next visit.  This goes in your storage bin.  Most of the time you will forget you purchased it and when you open your bin you’ll be so very pleased with yourself for thinking ahead!!
  2. Do the math.  If your child is 6 months in the middle of summer know that you can buy size 12 months winter clothing.
  3. When shopping mega sales at the end of seasons buy for next year.  It’s worth putting away for next year (in one of your marked bins).
  4. Same goes for toys.  Buy extra books, puzzles, toys for the next age up.  It’s always fun to pull out a new book or toy on a rainy day or when your child has had an especially great day.


If you have any questions on how to make the most out of your resale feel free to ask.  I have developed a real method and it works.  I love to help people save money.


When I was not working outside of the home my favorite quote was:  “My job is to save my family money whenever possible!”


Happy shopping!




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